• Is this a Home Based Business? YES! Very easy to operate from your home. But if you choose to operate from an outside office that’s ok also.
  • Does America’s Coupon Mailer Offer Financing? No, but there are multiple market resources for potential financing.
  • What contributes to an ideal Franchisee? Everyone with a friendly personality and likes talking and visiting with others. If you’re someone who enjoys helping others succeed and who is active in their community this may be for you. Meeting other business owners and offering your skills as a “Marketing Consultant”. Business to business sales experience. Those with experience in Advertising Sales, (Newspapers, Radio, Monthly Coupon Mailers). Marketing Consultants, Graphic Designers. Advertising Agency Experience. Auto and Real Estate Salespersons, Route Salespersons.
  • Will I receive assistance in planning a America’s Coupon Mailer Opening? YES! We will assist in the first Introduction Business Mailing to the businesses in your area. We also will provide Training in our Market Area as well as Training in your New Territory.
  • Is my Territory protected? YES! You also will be given first right of refusal on Territories surrounding yours. We even have a “Multiple Territory Discount” available to help you grow quickly.
  • How do I generate Leads? Networking in your community and visiting with businesses.That’s the great part! Leads will be generated monthly from your Coupon Book being mailed to every business in your Protected Territory.
  • Is There a Marketing Fee in addition to Royalties? No, and the Royalties are low when compared with other Franchises.
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