America’s Coupon Mailer is an innovative advertising and Media Company that helps community businesses improve their marketing capabilities in an effort to saturate their market. We are a direct method of marketing in the form of coupons delivered in the mail. America’s Coupon Mailer provides clients with an intuitive marketing experience for their customers that run advertisements in a monthly mailer. Unlike competitors, we offer distinct high-quality coupons that feel similar to magazines and create vivid images with vibrant colors. America’s Coupon Mailer is the #1 direct mail choice which mails almost 160,000 copies monthly in Northern Arizona; which is more than double the circulation of all Northern Arizona newspapers combined! We make direct mail marketing successful by planning, understanding the market, and offering results.

America’s Coupon Mailer provides its clients with a one on one consultation to effectively create an ad campaign with a strong call to action and then provide results. The number of ads may vary (in each mailer) but the franchisee has an opportunity to maximize each booklet at 64 pages. As a new franchisee, we assist you with your launch by defining your target customer and setting you up with business owners interested in what we offer.



  • Owning an America’s Coupon Mailer Franchise allows you to increase the value in your community by boosting the sales and profits of local businesses in your area. Clients that use our services have reported a high return on investment, many times over the cost of their ad. This is only one of the many benefits America’s Coupon Mailer has to offer.
  • Another advantage we provide is offering high quality advertising mail that’s superior in look, touch, coupons, offers and style. While newspaper readership is down to 36%, direct mail readership has risen to about 76%. Our distinct advertising mail beats the competition every time and has allowed us to establish dominance in the Northern Arizona region. Our brand makes it into every home, apartment, business and PO Box, continuously proving to be a valuable resource.
  • Our unique concept and perspective on the market place has allowed us to expand at a rapid pace. Our business model is structured to support the industry influx, allowing for new franchisees to start generating substantial returns.
  • America’s Coupon Mailer ensures our support system stays consistent throughout the lifetime of our partnership and we offer assistance every step of the way.
  • America’s Coupon Mailer is as easy as it sounds and Now We Offer you an Opportunity to be a part of a Highly Recognized and Growing Brand!
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